Updates – Winter 2023 Electives

Dear Students,

Please review the follow information regarding updates to the Winter 2023 Elective Flyer:

  1. Clarification of Nutrition Clinic Rotation (GSN580E) cross-enrollment with Capstone 1: Internship (GSN691):
    • GSN580E Sect 01 (online synchronous) cross listed with GSN691 Sect 02
    • GSN580E Sect 02 (on ground) cross listed with GSN691 Sect 03
  2. IPSL Electives removed from the Winter 23 schedule
  3. Clarification of cross enrollment of Ayurveda Electives:
    • Panchakarma: GSA530E for Graduate Enrollment and NU430E for Undergraduate Enrollment.
    • Ayurvedic Herbs: GSA543E for Graduate Enrollment and NU443E for Undergraduate Enrollment.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, please contact the program’s dean, the course instructor, or Kelly Garey (kgarey@nunm.edu) for more info.